Life + SATEC Project will host the next 4 Networks conference day “Together in the Fight Against Environmental Crime” to be held virtually on the 21st of May 2021 from 09.00-16.15 CET.

The organizing parties are ENPE, EUFJE, EnviCrimeNet and IMPEL. These entities have designed a complete agenda with the aim of improving the enforcement activities of environmental law and stimulate consistent application of its provisions. The 4 Networks day focuses on how to strengthen the enforcement chain and what is being done and should be done to reinforce it, hence the title: Together in the fight against environmental crime.

This activity is included in the LIFE+ SATEC Project with the aim of bringing experiences and synergies from different actors in the fight against environmental crime and of consolidating alliances to share information, to study advances in the same matters, to validate conclusions and to disseminate results. This event looks also for increase the knowledge of EnviCrimeNet agents from different authorities, stakeholders and experts. It is important to highlight also in this context, that this event is included in the activities planned for the EU Green Week. In this regard, it is also planned to present the outcomes of this 4 Networks Day in the EU Green Week.